Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christine Anderson v New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, 1st Department, Departmental Disciplinary Committee: Whitewashing Complaints

Christine C. Anderson Reveals a "Cleaner"
"US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit (07cv09599)
Anderson v The State of New York, et al.
Criminal Allegations Requiring Senator John L. Sampson's
Immediate Attention.


In Judge Shira A. Scheindlin's US Federal Court Whistleblower
Christine C. Anderson Reveals a "Cleaner", Naomi Goldstein, at
the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department ETHICS
Committee allegedly Whitewashing Complaints for US Attorneys, DA's and more.

A scene more reminiscent of the Gotti Trial on the 26th Floor of the same
Federal Courthouse...Inventor Eliot Bernstein's Family Minivan Bombed in US
Patent Office Fraud files Twelve Trillion Dollar RICO Suit legally "related"
by Judge Scheindlin to the Whistleblower case (08-4873-cv US Court of
Appeals Second Circuit) and US District Court (07cv11196).

Where was the Press through all this, the Right Arm of Anarchy, not a single
report in over five years regarding a Car Bombing so powerful it blew up
three cars next to it in Boynton Beach Florida and not a single press story?

Where was the Press for the Whistleblower revelations of Whitewashing of
Complaints by the New York Supreme Court for US Attorneys and District
Attorneys, a Cleaner at the Ethics Department that regulates Wall Street

Has Investigative Journalism died? If there are any Journalists
or Investigative Reporters left on earth, please feel free to call me, Eliot
@ 561-245-8588 or write iviewit@iviewit.tv to break the greatest
patent story ever told. "Eliot Bernstein"

For an Interactive version of the attached Adobe PDF Letter to the New York
Senate Judiciary Committee and Senator John L. Sampson below with Links to
all Exhibits @ http://iviewit.tv/wordpress/?p=209
Posted by Crystal L. Cox at 5:14 PM


  1. Thank you from my whole family, Candice, Josh, Jacob and Daniel we really appreciate your effort on our behalf. G-bless!!!!!!!!

  2. Check out my website about corruption

  3. I am from upstate New York and I am a victim and have been for close to twenty years. I have been setup by the DA's office, had police arrest me take me down town three time and find out after the fact that there was no warrant. the last time they did this to me they handcuffed and beat me so bad they put me in the hospital. I ended up with a torn heart muscle damaged lower back and collapsed discs in my neck...they arrested me for assaulting an office resisting arrest and had a 30,000. bail on me and I did nothing illegal to anyone. And it gets a lot worse. I have been to the FBI, NYS Attorney generals and many many other places and no one gives a rats _ _ _. There is much much more they have done to me. I have something I would like to email you. It is court document from upstate Ny Herkimer County, Herkimer Ny. Mike Daley (at the time he was Herkimer County DA) , George Aney (he is a dirty corrupt attorney)and Pat Kirk county court judge. These are just three who have ruined my life. Maybe now I can do the same for them.
    Paul Daz