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Ethicsgate Post: New Chairman of Manhattan Attorney "Ethics" Committee is Ernest J. Collazo


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Betsy Combier

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Ernest J. Collazo
December 30, 2013

64-Year-Old Bronx Native Provides Hope for Corruption Clean-Up
Again, hopes spring eternal, and a new chairman of the corrupt attorney "ethics" committee has been named….. more....
Ernest J. Collazo is a respected Columbia Law School graduate (class of 1974), and a managing partner of Collazo Florentino & Keil LLP. Mr. Collazo formally takes over on January 1, 2014 as the head of the disgraced court group charged with ethics oversight of attorneys with offices in The Bronx and Manhattan- the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the "DDC").

Mr. Collazo has been active with the DDC since 2008, and has been a member of the DDC Policy Committee since 2012. His tenure at the DDC has provided him with first-hand knowledge of how dysfunctional the DDC is, and the urgent need that the first order of business be to remove Jorge Dopico as chief counsel. Mr. Dopico began his tenure with positive action, but quickly succumbed to political pressures and became another soul-less and corrupt hack with predecessors Thomas Cahill and Alan Friedberg.

While some insiders are concerned over Mr. Collazo's ties to the former DDC chairman Roy Reardon, Mr. Collazo has privately expressed his dismay at how ethics investigations by the DDC have been routinely covered-up for connected insiders, and that have tarnished the DDC's credibility for years. Mr. Collazo has confided with associates that he will make the long-overdue changes necessary to restore trueethics back to the ethics oversight committee.

Chairman Collazo had been employed from 1977-1991 at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, the law firm of Roy Reardon, and the group long-rumored to stall legal ethics accountability at the DDC and at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is hopeful that the Mr. Collazo will be guided by another Bronx-born-attorney-turned Presiding-Justice, the Hon. Francis T. Murphy, Jr., who sent armed officers to lock down the offices of the DDC when it was corrupt under his authority. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MURPHY REPORT)

CLICK HERE TO SEE ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND,"Governor Cuomo Asked to Shut Down NY's Corrupt Court "Ethics" Committees"

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Dennis G. Jacobs in 2007: Judges Protect and Empower Lawyers

We knew that.

Judge Dennis G. Jacobs

August 27, 2007

With the Bench Cozied Up to the Bar, the Lawyers Can’t Lose


Dennis G. Jacobs, the chief judge of the federal appeals court in New York, is a candid man, and in a speech last year he admitted that he and his colleagues had “a serious and secret bias.” Perhaps unthinkingly but quite consistently, he said, judges can be counted on to rule in favor of anything that protects and empowers lawyers.

Once you start thinking about it, the examples are everywhere. The lawyer-client privilege is more closely guarded than any other. It is easier to sue for medical malpractice than for legal malpractice. People who try to make a living helping people fill out straightforward forms are punished for the unauthorized practice of law.

But Judge Jacobs’s main point is a deeper one. Judges favor complexity and legalism over efficient solutions, and they have no appreciation for what economists call transaction costs. They are aided in this by lawyers who bill by the hour and like nothing more than tasks that take a lot of time and cost their clients a lot of money.

And there is, of course, the pleasure of power, particularly in cases involving the great issues of the day.

“Judges love these kinds of cases,” said Judge Jacobs, whose speech was published in The Fordham Law Review in May. “Public interest cases afford a judge more sway over public policy, enhance the judicial role, make judges more conspicuous and keep the law clerks happy.”

There are costs here, too, he said, including “the displacement of legislative and executive power” and “the subordination of other disciplines and professions.”

Yet, at the conclusion of a big public-policy case, the bar and bench rejoice. “We smugly congratulate ourselves,” Judge Jacobs said, “on expanding what we are pleased to call the rule of law.”

Benjamin H. Barton, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, examined some of the same issues in an article to be published next year in The Alabama Law Review titled “Do Judges Systematically Favor the Interests of the Legal Profession?”

That question mark notwithstanding, there is little doubt about where Professor Barton comes out.

He noted, for instance, that the legal profession is the only one that is completely self-regulated. “As a general rule,” Professor Barton wrote, “foxes make poor custodians of henhouses.”

Professor Barton explored a long list of examples, including the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 1966 decision in Miranda v. Arizona. Miranda, as everyone with a television set knows, protected the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer.

Over the years, though, courts have approved all sorts of police strategies that have eroded the right to remain silent. At the same time, Professor Barton wrote, the courts “chose to retain quite robust protections for accused who clearly expressed a desire for a lawyer.”

“The advantages to the legal profession are clear,” he added. “Whatever else an accused should know, she should know to request a lawyer first and foremost.”

And the cases keep coming.

This month, a New Jersey appeals court basically immunized lawyers from malicious prosecution suits in civil cases. Even lawyers who know their clients are pushing baseless claims solely to harass the other side are in the clear, the court said, unless the lawyers themselves have an improper motive.

Lester Brickman, who teaches legal ethics at Cardozo Law School, said the decision was just one instance of a broad phenomenon.

“The New Jersey courts have determined to protect the legal profession in a way that no other professions enjoy,” Professor Brickman said. “It’s regulation by lawyers for lawyers.”

Other professions look for elegant solutions. It is the rare engineer, software designer or plumber who chooses an elaborate fix when a simple one will do. The legal system, by contrast, insists on years of discovery, motion practice, hearings, trials and appeals that culminate in obscure rulings providing no guidance to the next litigant.

Last month, Judge Jacobs put his views into practice, dissenting from a decision in a tangled lawsuit about something a college newspaper published in 1997. The judges in the majority said important First Amendment principles were at stake, though they acknowledged that the case involved, at most, trivial sums of money.

Judge Jacobs’s dissent started with an unusual and not especially collegial disclaimer. He said he would not engage the arguments in the majority decision because “I have not read it.”

He was, he said, incredulous that “after years of litigation over $2, the majority will impose on a busy judge to conduct a trial on this silly thing, and require a panel of jurors to set aside their more important duties of family and business in order to decide it.”

Writing with the kind of verve and sense of proportion entirely absent in most legal work, Judge Jacobs concluded that “this is not a case that should occupy the mind of a person who has anything consequential to do.”

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NYCHA Covered Up Alleged Sex Crimes of Nicholas Rodriguez

Exterior of Jonathan Williams Plaza Community Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the
 suspect had worked.
Nicholas Rodriguez, 64, a former director of an after-school program run by the New York City
Housing Authority, was arrested in 2011 and charged with molesting two girls.
Political corruption becomes a court problem. Too bad no one in elected office believes that
this is a bad way to spend public money.
Betsy Combier

NYCHA administrators threatened whistleblower who told of alleged sexual abuse of children: suit  

The whistleblower brought complaints against NYCHA after-school program official Nicholas Rodriguez years before he was arrested for allegedly molesting two girls in a NYCHA program; the whistleblower says she was told to keep quiet

Comments (2)
CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY administrators threatened retaliation against a whistleblower and failed to notify police after being told that the director of one of its Brooklyn after-school programs was touching children inappropriately, a new lawsuit charges.

Administrators fielded complaints against Nicholas Rodriguez made by a fellow NYCHA worker who said she witnessed him engage in inappropriate conduct with children between 1998 and 2000 — well before Rodriguez was arrested in 2011 for allegedly molesting two young girls during an after-school program, according to the suit.


The suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court recently by the mothers of two alleged victims, contends that the employee who reported witnessing perverse behavior on Rodriguez’s part was told by superiors to keep quiet or risk losing her job. The whistleblower, Hope McGuire, told a private investigator, according to a transcript attached to the suit, that she was instructed she had to get “one of the kids to say that this was happening — other than that, I could lose my job for making false accusations.”

“I witnessed it but my word wasn’t good enough,” she said.


The suit, which seeks $15 million in damages, also charges that NYCHA administrators who were aware of McGuire’s complaint against Rodriguez never reported the allegations to the police or to the agency’s inspector general.

McGuire worked with Rodriguez at the Jonathan Williams Plaza Community Center — a NYCHA-run facility in Williamsburg — from 1998 to 2000. She says she once caught Rodriguez inside a closet with a young girl; saw him whispering in the ear of a 6-year-old girl who was sitting on his lap; and spotted him kneeling in front of and touching the leg of a girl who was seated and had her legs spread open, the suit states.

RELATED: NYCHA TO 100-YEAR-OLD GRANNY: GET OUT! The new lawsuit names NYCHA and Rodriguez as defendants, along with tenant president Beverly Russell and NYCHA borough administrators Mary Stark and Olga Gomez.


A NYCHA representative said the agency “declines comment on pending litigation.”
Dale Frederick, a lawyer for Rodriguez, said: “He denies the allegations, and we look forward to a trial before a jury.”
A mother of one of the alleged victims told the Daily News last year that she became suspicious of Rodriguez after her daughter suddenly asked in 2009 to enroll in a different after-school program. The girl had told her mother that Rodrigueztouched her private parts, leading the mother to contact police, leading eventually to his arrest.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Without A Prayer For Relief: Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church and Religious Immunity From Prosecution

Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family –and "Conciliation" — Courts' Operations, Practices, and History

Without a Prayer For Relief: Investigative Reporter Betsy Combier ( connects the Dots at Madison Avenue Presby

Dr. Fred Anderson, Pastor of MAPC

This gripping narrative of events in New York which began ca. 1998 is a little more complex to read than Marv Bryer’s 1997 interview “Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery” of events occurring in Southern California which I just posted, “sticky” status (=stays near the top of the blog’s home page.). Bryer’s critical description (1997 interview) of his investigation involved getting copies of bank records (fronts and back of checks) and looking up corporate records.

However both of them entail collusion of judges and lawyers, potential money laundering (including how it’s done — through nonprofits that sound like, but are not, government agencies in his case, and through cooperation of a major NY landmark church with a major NY and DC realty investment corporation — plus of course judges and attorneys — in hers). Both of them seem to be aiming for others property, whether real estate, or simply money, and pulling a fast one on the public in general.

This author did similar things. Both did it for apparently similar reasons — after some very disturbing damages and utterly strange, abusive, behavior by institutions we typically should expect to be more honest — they didn’t just complain, or tell their story — they examined the evidence — and then told their story, with the evidence. In this case, the writer had to also overcome a retroactive, lack of jurisdiction, not a party Injunction to not tell her story in 2005.

Short background on who’s telling the tale: As I cannot personally verify this much information, here’s the author’s bio-blurb on “OpEdNews” The “E-Accountability Foundation, INC. (mentioned up top) shows a NYC address, date of incorporation 2012? EIN# 16-1642397. I am finding pieces of the various lawsuits on-line, as you also could. Here’s a 1996 letter of her under EcoMedia International, Inc., sticking up for a particular (fired) janitor and testifying to verbal harassment and intimidation by a maintenance supervisor at the church who (unlike the janitors) were not union members. EcoMedia International, Ltd. was dissolved in 1990 (per NYState)., Inc. was formed 2002, dissolved 2005 (while she was going through these trials, apparently)….
A NYT 1984 Wedding Announcement shows the family background/influence: Her father P. Hodges Combier was Assistant Attorney general of NYS, her grandfather, Samuel Strauss, bought, consolidated, and sold Des Moines newspapers, and from 1910-1916 was Treasure of the New York Times, which should give a general idea.
She also shows on the (Advisory) Board of a National Judicial Conduct and Disability Project, Inc. (Indiana/Incorp. in 2005). This addresses the problem with prosecuting federal judges under a Title 28 law that allows one to, namely, judicial collusion! (hover cursor or click through). I.e., basically judges have immunity from prosecution for what they do ON the bench (the Luzerne County Kids for Cash judges got convicted, I believe, for what they did OFF it, in re: RICO (or whatever it was). I remember learning with dismay at the time about this immunity from prosecution. However, apparently a section of Federal Law was passed to help in certain cases. But the question still comes up — who would convict? Are judges generally going to want to expose their colleagues — and maybe later, possibly themselves — to accountability for abuse of power by the judiciary? (!!!). They write about the control via threatening or disbarring attorneys and judges willing to actually address judicial corruption, under “Coups D’Etat.” … and on a 2009 Supreme Court Decision, “The Official End of Judicial Accountability….Ashcroft v. Iqbal” The founder (or, a founder) of this nonprofit NJCDP, was disbarred in Indiana, it says, for making “false allegations” against a judge, and in federal district? for failing to pay a $6,000 costs of disciplinary hearing. Interesting, though not strictly on-topic…..

So, this narrative involves not only a major NYC landmark Church, but members of the NYS Unified Court System, including its current chief (Jonathan Lippman), its former Chief (Judith Kaye) and many issues. The events here started ca. 1998…



Betsy Combier and her family were long-time members of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (“MAPC”): 921 Madison Avenue, NYC. She has a twin sister, and a mother who volunteered (had her office) full-time for this church. In the course of attempting to get her own inheritance, she discovered:

~ Probably embezzlement on its maintenance — i.e. invoice for plumbing repair $90K; Church paid $169k, so where is the missing about $80K? How often does this happen?
~ In looking up that, that New York actually owns the church; it is government property?
~ That MAPC (the church) doesn’t have a separate EIN# for the IRS, but uses the one of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
~ That somehow MAPC Connections to a REIT, and commercial real estate owner “Vornado Realty Trust” (This 2009 article on the aggressive REIT (“the Vornado Tornado,” Steve Roth says it all. Namely they buy up distressed assets, almost — among largest landlords in NYC and D.C., ruthless, etc.)? to finance a co-op based on church property? Browse articles for a scope of influence (i.e., buying up Kennedy real estate, acquiring a West-Side YMCA, etc.). Selling a West Village loft @ 4 times purchase price(which was ca. $1 million)2010; Battle of the Skyscrapers: planning a skyscraper to challenge the Empire State Building (15 Penn Plaza), etc.

~ A determination by those associated with the church to get Ms. Combier’s property, incl.? an Upper East Side Manhattan Apartment — apparently a RICO situation (also hover cursor there):

All in all it raises and addresses so many issues, I felt it relevant to put on this blog.

EXCERPT from PARENTADVOCATES.ORG and related pages on this matter:

The City of New York seems to be the “owner” of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Most of the congregation of “MAPC” does not know what is going on.

District Attorney Robert Morganthau, a friend of my dad, so far has expressed no interest in this RICO claim. I called Mr. Daniel Castleman, (212-335-9817) Chief of the Investigation Division, in October, and he set up a meeting with his “best” investigator, Ms. Judy Weinstock, soon after. In January, 2006, Ms. Weinstock sent me back every one of my documents, saying, “We are not looking into this because you did not give us a receipt for the two toilets’ that were repaired in May, 2004 for $169,224.”

[[Material on who is the Presbytery of New York, originally published on this post, removed; it's background info I like to know FYI (and for future reference), not the actual narrative. That's also one reason my posts get so long, and illegible!]]

I sent Mr. Castleman a letter in January, and he never responded. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s Charities Bureau told me they never investigate churches, because churches are not charities. Spitzer’s criminal division’s Mr. Bill Jorgenson told me in November, 2006, that the information I had showed “a clear-cut case of embezzlement”, but only someone at the legislature level could submit it to the Attorney General for consideration, “sorry”. He advised me not to call the Attorney General’s office about this matter ever again.

CHURCHES ARE NOT CHARITIES: It’s True, and It’s Significant! See NYState Charities Search which says this twice:

{{search for “Presbyterian Senior Services” {{found, registered with the state as a CORP in 1962, but as a CHARITY (dual-purpose) in 1986) and “Presbytery of New York City” (NOT found) here…. Yet the by-laws of the Presbytery of New York City clearly state that the latter is a “corporation” and we can see that it was “incorporated” in 1899…)

Welcome to the Charities Bureau Registry Search. To search for specific charitable organizations, use the search fields below. Please note, in order to use the Registry Search, one of the following search terms must be entered – Name, Charities Bureau ID #, or federal employer identification number (EIN). Some organizations, like religious organizations, are exempt from registering with the Charities Bureau and may not appear in the Registry.



Essentially, these business entities (it takes money to be a church — real estate, wages, housing, collections, financial staff, secretarial staff sometimes; settlements for lawsuits against sexual abuse (or embezzlement) by leadership….they also charge rent for nonreligious use of their facilities; a lot of assets and income changes hands in the operations, MOREOVER, federal and other level public monies (grants, contracts) goes to many religious groups, directly! (see HHS) — millions, that is…. So where does anyone keep a list of who they are, and where they are run from? ???

Ms. Combier, Cont’d.:

I tried to find out. I called the accountant who did the budget,** Sandy Davies of O’Connor Davies, and was told that Mr. Davies never saw any receipts for any job. Then I called the Presbytery of New York City, and spoke with the financial officer, Simon Lai, who is supposed to look at money donated to and spent by presbyterian churches in New York City. He told me that he has never seen any financial information from MAPC in the 7 years he has worked at the Presbytery. As MAPC uses the tax exempt IRS number for the Presbyterian Church, USA General Assembly, I called over there to find out if any records of MAPC were available. There are none. Thus, MAPC is an entity doing business in New York City without any oversight by anyone.


A very large budget — see church site, and there’s a link to the 2003-2004 one in the story.

This church, like most large churches, has many outreach programs (See map of LOCAL (I count 20)). How many of those are nonprofits, and given that the MAPC doesn’t show its receipts, apparently even to its own — who’s checking how much actually made it to those nonprofits, and whether they are legitimate?
I checked out one: “New Life of New York City.” Yes, it did register as a corp. in NYS (1973, and a few name changes), and as a Nonprofit in NYS (EIN# 237344354, annual returns back to 1988). I looked up the street address (website on file with the charities page NYS no good) and found “Young Life” which dates back to 1938, says it went international by 1953, and by 1972 had remembered there are urban populations, too….
Story of its Gangleader turned Youthworker (through “Young Life”), Robert “Bo” Nixon. [A trip to a Colorado camp was involved...]

Here’s its amazing 67-page 990 (as a “Church” organization with the purpose — and this is about all it says up front for this Colorado Springs nonprofit…
Director Dennis Rydberg (out of dozens) and his $370K (+$45K from related) salary, plus the group’s $257 million of revenues ($18 million from fundraising, say $19 million from “related organizations” (churches?), oh, say $46.8 million from camp fees, etc.) … a $13 million increase (in one year) in cash and savings; they have invested in ca. $3 million in public-traded securities, and $8 million in “other” (must be private then, right?) securities… about $28.9 million was contributed (and spent from) endowments….Their assets, buildings, $208 million (depreciation,c a. $68 million)

“Young Life is a Ministry to help Adolescents become Exposed to the Person of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished in a variety of ways designed to produce personal religious experiences…”
” [[Dennis Rydberg pulls in over $415K; about 5 other men (only) are pulling in over $150K each. travel for spouses is expected for certain purposes (like fund-raising), housing for ordained ministry, of course.
They are granting (by wire transfer) all over the world but seem particularly interested in Central America these days. The lowest paid (of their "highest-paid" employees (and what looks like the only female) was an assistant secretrary, at 449K plus $22"other." for a 40-hour week. Everyone else listed for a 40-hr week was being paid at least twice (more like, three times) that amount. Of course, they weren't secretaries. I wonder what their youth ministers got.... Several construction firms and one travel agency were compensated over $11 million...They also (?) own 100% a for-profit in Colorado Springs and a Yacht Charter Company in British Columbia. Perhaps to better help personally expose youth to a personal religious experience of the person of Jesus Christ, I DNK (but most likely, for profit).

From MAPC,
There is also global outreach, esp. in Africa, and lots of it. Here's an "Africa blog" (on the church site), 2012,from a young man of a missionary couple narrating his confused and "icky" feelings about being asked for a loan by a single father. I feel sad that neither I, and I wonder if they, knew how much of Africa's misery is due to its mineral wealth, and what the British (like Cecil Rhodes and friends), the Germans (good God!!!) and the Dutch (not to mention some other countries) did in the scramble for its wealth, from the late 1800s to this day. They were in Zamibia; for more information, see "Rhodesia." (WIKIPEDIA -- Frederik Chiluba was a fervent Pentecostal Christian, 5′ tall, finally cleared of corruption charges in 2009, and married three times (two children by #1, two by #2, and finally married #3). He died in 2011.

More on Zambia — a product of British Expansionism, formerly part of Rhodesia. Admittedly this is from a socialist website: The espressostalinist. However I don’t think the facts are really in dispute:

When Rhodes began his studies at Oriel College, he returned to South Africa each vacation to attend to his mining interests – which, by his mid-thirties, had made him, in today’s terms, a billionaire. By 1891, he had amalgamated the De Beers mines under his control, giving him dominion over 90 per cent of the world’s diamond output. He had also secured two other important positions; Prime Minister of the British Cape Colony, and president of the British South Africa Company {“BSA”], an organisation that was formed – in the manner of the old East India companies – to pursue expansionist adventures for which sponsoring governments did not have the stomach or the cash. The result of his endeavours produced new British annexations: Nyasaland (now Malawi), Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

And yet, the missionaries go to Zambia for the Presbyterian cause, while back at home, their church attempts to convert property of its own.. Do the missionaries really know what caused the poverty?

When it comes to human rights, social services, charity, and any churches….
The reputation for being a social benefactor should be weighed against fiscal accountability to their own people (i.e., no embezzling!), and the same people ought to hold them accountable by examining their books – -not just their declarations — in detail. moreover, what does this say about the religious exemptions AND no requirement to file the 990s that the public — which ends up affected – can examine, too?


Why Post This Information?

I am reminding us of the financial power and clout of the cloak of religious tax-exemption, plus trusting membership, and how this cloak can and does attract powerful members of the courts system (attorneys and judges), real estate investment trusts (als major landowners, and landlords) and the depth of strategizing they will and do go to in order to plunder the estates of their own, including launching bogus court cases, switching jurisdiction where there was no subject matter jurisdiction, and collaborating to target the (apparently) innocent who may take years (ten years or more) defending themselves.

It also is a message to all of us to start understanding these things better if we want any form of an honest government, and to compare the many philanthropic activities (easier to do if one is tax-exempt, cheating, and not going to be scrutinized much by local authorities, i.e., as a charity in similar activities might be) to what could plain and simple be called, just “wicked.”

I think it’s obvious to my readers that I have some serious concerns about churches (specifically– I’m talking, the Christian religion here, not Islam, not Judaism) as tax-exempt organizations, about faith-based grants, and about Outreach Efforts to engage faith-based groups to help stop their men from abusing their women. Let’s Get Real about that reality. See pre-election (i.e., see late Oct. 2012) articles filling us in on some of the Mormon stipulations about marriage and/or divorce, that is before and after death, and how people who have died may consent to some form of (separation? I DNR), however people alive and well (including Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, before his candidacy or even governorship days) was treating a mother who had an abortion to save her life, pretty rough, including trying to talk her out of this.

Then there’s the matter of then-President George W. Bush, as a FIRST executive order of his Presidency (and pre 9/11) establishing a White House Office of Faith-Based STUFF, which has been copied at State level in several states (like Ohio) and which said Governor’s Offices sometimes get HHS funding for this purpose. After which, they get audited for misappropriation of grants. It never seems to slow the participants down much, they are well networked.

Then there is this “thang” that the Unification Church has a nice influence on the Marriage Promotion field which is so close to the heart of why we have things like “National Parents’ Day” and the entire movement (Children’s Rights Council-related, plus more) that ties the Moons (True Parents) and this international, money-laundering (or so alleged) religious — cult — involved in coronation ceremonies (mock, of course) in a U.S. building, i.e., the Dirksen Building, with the crown carried forwards by Illinois legislator, Congressman Danny K. Davis, who also sponsored (yet another) Responsible Fatherhood bill. In the 113th Congress, he sits on the subcommittee (of House Ways and Means) whose jurisdiction closely meshes with the topic of this blog:

That’s one thing. But this situation here — Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (“MAPC”) New York City, brings up the entire question of money-laundering and real estate issues under the cover of religion. I guess someone had to give the Vatican a run for its money?? (not really, but still…..). Of course with its huge budget it is very active in human rights causes, including shelters, etc. — in between trying to steal the inheritance of one of its faithful members and running, apparently, a number of scams, plus treating its janitors abusively, and trying to force Betsy here into counseling or therapy with one of their own when she sued.

I FOUND THIS STORY FOLLOWING UP ON PRIVATE NONPROFITS NATIONALIZING AND CENTRALIZING THE COURTS (NCSC, SJI) AND AFTER REALIZING A CERTAIN JUDGE (FEATURED IN THIS ACCOUNT)HAS JUST BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE ON ONE OF THOSE NONPROFITS. I’d been aware of (from parenting perspective), but never read this before. Jonathan Lippman, Judith Kaye, Cardozo, Proskauer Rose (powerful global law firm) and others are featured in this story. MAPC is a powerful institution around since 1901.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
How I came to this site — in reviewing my links and highlighting how private nonprofits are Nationalizing and Centralizing the courts (policy operations, and funding) — I already brought up how the NCSC (National Center for State Courts) became “secretariat” for Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in the early 1980s. Said AFCC is a private organization who are not “the good guys” and whose agenda doesn’t seem very philanthropic (or justice-oriented) when its behavior and its books are scrutinized. Of course, I’ll just hazard a “guess” here based on the accounts of people who have viewed the evidence, and its state-skipping and truly odd incorporation history, plus their habit of getting into top judicial positions and from there re-arranging the courts, lobbying to get accommodating laws, and fees for friends (in the fields that AFCC promotes through its ranks), and in general playing dirty with the public while converting their assets, disrupting their families, and destroying in many cases, their livelihoods, incarcerating some who confront them, labeling others, and at times trafficking kids into foster care for which there appears to be a bounty.

So, I was going to add the State Justice Institute, yet another nonprofit which was formed by LAW in: 1984, basically to steer, I mean, administer grants to improve justice. Its 11 person Board is appointed by the President (POTUS) and approved by the Senate:

About SJI

The State Justice Institute (SJI) was established by Federal law in 1984 to award grants to improve the quality of justice in State courts, facilitate better coordination between State and Federal courts, and foster innovative, efficient solutions to common issues faced by all courts.

SJI is unique both in its mission and how it seeks to fulfill it.  Only SJI has the authority to assist all State courts – criminal, civil, juvenile, family, and appellate – and the mandate to share the success of one State’s innovations with every State court system as well as the Federal courts.

{{Representative Government at its best — the US President appoints an 11-member board of a nonprofit (Senate must approve) and it administers grants to steer the courts — including on Criminal, Civil, Juvenile, Family and Appellate law…}}

SJI is a non-profit corporation governed by an 11-member Board of Directors appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. By law, the President must appoint six State court judges, one State court administrator, and four members of the public (no more than two of whom may be of the same political party).

{{I wonder how a lowly member of the public gets appointed. However, no matter who does — if they are voting, the courts always have the majority (7 to 4).}}

SJI also has a professional staff who oversee operations, to include grant management and other government relations.  Per 42 U.S.C. 10704, the Executive Director is responsible for the executive and administrative operations of SJI, and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director is also a non-voting ex officio member of the Board.

One of the rather disturbing initiatives SJI is working on (with “NCSC”) is called “Court Re-engineering”:
<a href=”;&#8221; title=”The Strategic Initiatives Grants (SIG) program provides SJI the flexibility to address national court issues as they occur, and develop solutions to those problems. SJI uses its expertise and the expertise and knowledge of its grantees to address key issues facing courts across the United States. The state courts are also facing severe budget reductions as a direct result of the current economic situation in the United States. The budget crisis in the state courts is an emerging and national issue that is being addressed by the SIG program. The short-term cost reductions taken by the state courts (hiring freezes, furloughs, and layoffs) will have long-term effects, but are not enough to meet the current economic demands for reduction in costs. SJI awarded a Strategic Initiatives Grant (SIG) to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) in FY 2009 to focus on reengineering in the state courts in response to severe budget cutbacks. NCSC began these efforts by establishing the Budget Resource Center (BRC) – a website to track the latest budget issues and cost saving measures in the state courts, listed by state. NCSC also provided direct technical assistance to several states. Through SJI SIG funding in FY 2010 and 2011, NCSC continues to provide technical assistance to courts at the state and local level. SJI has also partnered with the Department of Justice/Office of Justice Programs/Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) on reengineering projects in the state courts. BJA funding has lead to additional reengineering program sites. …In addition to support provided by the SIG program, SJI has also funded individual grants to state and local courts for reengineering in response to budget reductions. The final reports of those projects are available below, and new reports will continue to be provided on this website.
“>State Court Reengineering (hover cursor or click through to read).

But this is what grabbed my attention — as of January 1, 2013, this Strategic Justice Initiative has a new appointeed:

Justice Jonathan Lippman – who took over from NYS Chief Judge Judith Kaye back in 2009 — was appointed by President Obama last May and has been confirmed by the Senate as a board member of this SJI:

He is named in the material which is the topic of this post, mainly writings by Betsy Combier:

Senate Confirms New SJI Board Member (Click on tab “NEWS”)
On January 1, 2013, the U.S. Senate confirmed Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to the SJI Board of Directors. Chief Judge Lippman was nominated by the President on May 24, 2012. He is currently Chief Judge of the State of New York and Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, a position he has held since 2009.
Chief Judge Lippman has spent his entire legal career in the New York State court system, serving for 40 years in a variety of roles. He was Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, First Department from 2007 to 2009; an Associate Justice of the Appellate Term for the Ninth and Tenth Judicial Districts from 2006 to 2007; a Justice of the Supreme Court, Ninth Judicial District from 2006 to 2009; and Chief Administrative Judge of all New York State Courts from 1996 to 2007. Chief Judge Lippman is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Conference of Chief Justices, former President of the Conference of State Court Administrators, and former Vice Chair of the Board of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence, which the NCSC awarded to him in 2008.
{{The NCSC itself, I think, deals with these other organizations, i.e., Conference of Chief Justices, etc.)}}
He holds a B.A. from New York University in Government and International Relations and a J.D. from the New York University School of Law.
Contrast this with the information in box at bottom of this page; there appear to be problems with fraud and coverups for cronies, a figure mentioned was $40 million..
The SJI is extremely influential, it would seem, as it is providing grants to “re-engineer” the courts; I have seen studies written up by individuals in association with “the Family Violence Prevention Fund” aboutcreating domestic violence courts. (These materials then can be sold, helping he nonprofit — not necessarily the individuals subject to the demonstration project.).  PARTNER GRANTS are without limit...”  Then these authors can advance their careers without running the nationwide policies by the actual people going to be most affected by them, as Distinguished Professor Emily Sack apparently did here in re: creating the domestic violence courts — and recommending parenting skills training for incarcerated men, BIPs, etc.  (hover cursor).  A win-win for the partners, not necessarily for those run through the programs they create without our serious feedback, and then nationalize.
Partner Grants allow SJI and federal, state, or local agencies or foundations, trusts, or other private entities to combine financial resources in pursuit of common interests.”
. Judging by the continued roadkill, someone is doing a lousy job on this; but that doesn’t seem to have affected the FVPF’s funding, which is multi-million-dollar as always.

It seems to me I had heard this Judge’s name in going out of the way to protect child sexual abusers…

. . .Characterized as writing more dissents than most, and is liberal. Here’s a NYT 2011 article which mentions a 13-year old’s confession of sexual abuse:

Here, he joins others in dissenting from a civil confinement despite a contested mental illness diagnosis, in that a repeat sex offender (impregnating 16 yr old etc.) has a mental illness related to preoccupation with sex with, nonconsenting pubescent girls and involving their suffering. (Reuters, 2012 article) While I can see the point, someone was trying to stop this guy from his repeat-raping habit. If Lippman has a problem with restraining people on contested diagnosis of a mental illness, which makes sense, then he should radically reverse the family court’s habit of doing this to parents (especially women) who protest abuse of their children, including rape and molestation, as “high-conflict.”

At the bottom of this post, I”m putting an article from “Expose Corrupt Courts” protesting this appointment to the SJI and citing some reasons why. It will be in a “table” to identify it as from one source.

[I have excerpted paragraphs that mention the RICO setup, and refer to New York State Chief Justice (now retired) Judith Kaye -- who I'm pretty sure must've been AFCC, and I've written about some of the people and programs she has brought in, as to their relationship specifically to Family Court matters. for example, pushing Mediation, Parent Education, appointee?? JoAnn Pedro Carroll, etc. I think this is on the bottom of a post re: Genia Shockhome, and Dutchess County (that's NY) Mediation. You can look it up.....
If you have a mind to read, this reads like a mystery. Apparently, the type of racketeering and embezzlement we see going on in various government places (or apparently going on, I should say) -- seems to pale when one considers the state of New York might own the real estate, literally OWN "Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church" (see photo), but this church doesn't have its own EIN#, rather using the General Assembly (US Presbyterian) #, and according to the General Presbyter -- they hadn't seen receipts on financials from MAPC in seven years (at the writing). Does this not sound like a play out of AFCC (or maybe I should say, they learned it from religious groups?)....
You'll see the size of the property and its endowments, weekly collections (ca. $25,000, etc.). Perhaps Rick Warren with all his trademarks, and Saddleback, with their donated property, are chump change by comparison with not only the money, but the clout of this one. I don't know.
I do know that this same mother of four also has a site "" I've seen before. Her mother "volunteered" full-time for 40 years for this church. there is a real fight between twin sisters over the probate (inheritance) and it appears to be in the course of this that this sister Betsy Combier found out what she did. It should be mentioned that her father was a District Attorney (Robert Morgenthau)...

This is full of active LINKS at the site -- not in my copy here. See site for those links, as reading them helps you understand the situation better. I am not writing it because of the individual involved, but from a teaching perspective of the potential clout, and documented behavior, of how a major (here, Presbyterian) church can, with its respectable community members, and prime real estate (this one, it says was worth $21,000,000 with an endowment of up to $30million or so) -- and how with all that, they can still be laundering money through any number of means.
It also appears that there was (or was alleged to be) a matter of elder abuse, as in physical abuse, of the mother, which was the reason that one daughter was taken out of the will. It is definitely a matter that cuts close to many of us.
There are other articles on the site, interesting from the perspective of the tax-exempt, and scrutiny-proof status many religious organizations hold, particularly a six-part series in the NYTimes which approaches different issues, including religious earmarks, churches hiring lobbyists to get those earmarks, and another one called "Without a Prayer for Relief," which I'm gathering is a pun. The mother involved (whose will it was) apparently had an office in MAPC and was active there for around 40 years: Imagine all this time, no one ?? bringing up that this major building did not have its own EIN#.

There are megachurches -- that's one style. This is another style entirely; see the personnel.

Material is from the website, the Article. I may add some subtitles.
The judges and their colleagues in the New York State Unified Court System are operating under the umbrella of "absolute immunity" in order to rob and harass you and convert your property to their ownership. Dont fool yourself into thinking that anyone in the State legislature doesn't know this is happening, and wants to do anything about it. You just have to outsmart them all by documenting everything, like I did. I may not win my lawsuit against them in Federal Court, but I now have the intervenors/conspirators online for the public to see how it all works. Please share this information. Betsy Combier.
(PHOTO) Julia Danger, Claude Danger, Betsy Combier
People are being victimized by the courts of America's "justice system" every day, often without knowing anything until it is too late. Perhaps this has happened to you, and you have been left without your property, family member and/or child. In 1998, the Manhattan Surrogate Court decided to deny me the property left to me by my mom in her Will dated November 21, 1997, and has pursued this goal with such venom I almost died on July 22, 2006 trying to stop the Judges, lawyers, and common folk - including my twin sister - who decided to steal the property and deny my rights to it.

The property in my mom's Will that she wanted me to have is sitting right now in a cold garage and house at 2110 Quaker Ridge Road, in Croton-on-Hudson, owned by a man named Lawrence Mark. Mark says that he was given the right to hold onto the property by me and my sister, yet I remember no such agreement. And I have a phenomenal memory. My lawyers must have made some deal in secret, to help stop me from probating my mom's Will, and this is the pattern that runs throughout the past twelve years. I, a reporter and video producer for more than 35 years, have dedicated myself to getting my mom's property back, and I'm writing this article to tell you what I have found out about the people who work in five courts in NYC, my twin sister, my church, the Presbytery of New York City, and wealthy insurance company Guide One Insurance Company, all of whom have joined together and denied me my Constitutional rights.
Judges threaten lawyers - the people who are being paid by you to defend you and protect your interests - and make the Attorneys facing the Court do what "they" - the judges and their political partners - want, and work with the "fixer" to steal property, take children, and plunder estates for personal gain. I know what 'they' do, because when my church - Madison Avenue Presbyterian, ("MAPC") in New York City - came after me in 1998 after my mom's death, I was an innocent victim, and I did not know that the Courts were dishonest. I relied on the Rule of Law and my Attorneys to do the right thing, which was always to probate my mom's Will. This was my mistake.
[{I have to ask her why they didn't put it under a trust...}}
The City of New York seems to be the "owner" of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Most of the congregation of "MAPC" does not know what is going on.
District Attorney Robert Morganthau, a friend of my dad, so far has expressed no interest in this RICO claim. I called Mr. Daniel Castleman, (212-335-9817) Chief of the Investigation Division, in October, and he set up a meeting with his "best" investigator, Ms. Judy Weinstock, soon after. In January, 2006, Ms. Weinstock sent me back every one of my documents, saying, "We are not looking into this because you did not give us a receipt for the two toilets' that were repaired in May, 2004 for $169,224."
I sent Mr. Castleman a letter in January, and he never responded. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's Charities Bureau told me they never investigate churches, because churches are not charities. Spitzer's criminal division's Mr. Bill Jorgenson told me in November, 2006, that the information I had showed "a clear-cut case of embezzlement", but only someone at the legislature level could submit it to the Attorney General for consideration, "sorry". He advised me not to call the Attorney General's office about this matter ever again.
My mom, Julia Taschereau, died suddenly during the night of March 15-16, 1998. The doctor told us that she died of a pulmonary embolism. I, my husband and four children and my mom were very close, and lived near enough to each other to be able to spend time cooking, going to movies, and playing with the kids. My mom worked full-time as a volunteer for Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church ("MAPC") at 921 Madison Avenue 73rd street) in New York City. The church and the church building next door are located on prime real estate worth currently $21,000,000 (tax assessed value, NYC Dept. of Buildings, 2005). The church pays no taxes.
MAPC has an endowment valued at $20-30 million, depending on who you speak to. Every year approximately $2 million is raised in donations from the 920+ members. $25,000 is collected in cash from the plate passed around on sundays. No one outside of the Board of Trustees knows where this money is spent. As you will see below, in the 2004 budget (see p. 10) that I was given during the congregational meeting in January, 2005, there is a listing of a payment of $169,224 for the repair {{installation?}} of two toilets for the nursery school {{browse the link. See also p. 2 of the budget}}. This amount seemed odd, so I and a colleague went to the New York City Department of Buildings and copied all the work permits for all the repairs made to the church building from 1999-2005. We found the invoice for the two toilets, which were repaired by Prudon & Partners for $90,000. Well, if the congregation was spending $169,224 on a toilet, and the company that did the work was paid only $90,000, where did the missing almost $80,000 go? Prudon misspelled the name of the Day School, as well.
{{Then our author here gets to looking things up and connecting the dots.}}
Vornado Realty Trust is the landlord of Bloomberg LLP, and is connected to the construction Company Taylor Ball, whose subsidiary, Ladco Development Inc., is located in West Des Moines Iowa, home to Guide One Insurance Company. Have you ever heard the saying "You can't fight City Hall"? Well, fighting Vornado Realty Trust is like fighting 100 City Halls.
It is my opinion that as Michael Bloomberg is well aware of the money that flows through the mega-rich real estate companies/Trusts in New York City, and as he does nothing to stop the racketeering, he not only condones it, but is enriched by the spoils (financing expensive real estate deals).
I tried to find out. I called the accountant who did the budget, Sandy Davies of O'Connor Davies, and was told that Mr. Davies never saw any receipts for any job. Then I called the Presbytery of New York City, and spoke with the financial officer, Simon Lai, who is supposed to look at money donated to and spent by presbyterian churches in New York City. He told me that he has never seen any financial information from MAPC in the 7 years he has worked at the Presbytery. As MAPC uses the tax exempt IRS number for the Presbyterian Church, USA General Assembly, I called over there to find out if any records of MAPC were available. There are none. Thus, MAPC is an entity doing business in New York City without any oversight by anyone.

Then, while surfing the internet and in particular ACRIS {{on-line, property deeds I think}}, I found a UCC financing agreement of a co-op belonging to Vornado Realty Trust Executive VP Sandeep Mathrani and his wife, Aiysha which used the church property, (Block 1388, Lot 21), even though Mr. Mathrani and his wife are not members of MAPC (the social security numbers of both Sandeep and his wife were deleted by me before posting the UCC agreement). I called Mr. Mathrani's office, and asked his secretary if I could ask him why he financed his coop using the property of MAPC. She told me that he had never heard of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, and hung up. I called back, and asked why he would say that, considering the fact that the Mathrani home is across the street from the Church. Sandeep's secretary asked me to send him all my documents.
The attorney who did the financing deal, Mr. Gregory Moundas, worked for Proskauer Rose when he prepared the UCC agreement. (He was moved to Texas). Proskauer Rose is a lawfirm that some say own the United States court system. The lawyers certainly are the most powerful and politically connected in New York City, as the Chief Administrative Judge of New York State is Judith Kaye, and her husband Steven Rachow Kaye was a partner of Proskauer Rose. Michael Cardozo was a partner as well, before Michael Bloomberg appointed him the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York. I thought it would be reasonable to believe that Judith Kaye knew what her husband's lawfirm was doing, which seemed to be financing real estate properties under the color of "church tax exemptions". Without realizing it, I walked head-on into the 'wrath of Kaye', a place in which anyone who wants justice in the court system of New York State never wants to be. Even though I am not an attorney, I have read the law and written hundreds of motions since March 31, 1998, when the Session of Madison Avenue voted me and my twin sister off of the membership roll of MAPC, the church that I had belonged to since 1961.
{{NOTE: Look up Proskauer Rose, Steven Rachow Kaye and Michael Cardozo. Consider what it must be like to have the Chief Judge of the state of New York married to a partner in such a prominent (global) law firm -- see the firm's site }}
Chuck elaborated on my expulsion from my church at his deposition, as did Dr. Fred Anderson, the Pastor: "We planned to get rid of you as soon as your mother was dead or incapacitated, whichever came first". (Deposition testimony, 2001)
When I was thrown out of the church and Charles Amstein had obtained my mom's ashes, I was worried that he would not allow me to have them back to bury her, because I heard from people in the office at the church that he was "talking" with my mom, in ash form. On July 31, 1998, I called Mr. Amstein and told him I wanted my mom's ashes back, immediately, that day. At 6:30PM I heard that he would not give them back, and there was nothing I could do. I called him every day for the next week, and he finally returned the ashes to me on August 7, with a handwritten note on top of the box that he had "delayed" returning the ashes until he had heard from Jill. I did not find out until 2004 that it was attorney Mr. Kenneth Wasserman who told him to withhold the ashes from me. Mr. Wasserman was on the Ethics Committee of the NYC Bar Association from 2000-2003. How that happened i dont know, but in my opinion you will not find an attorney with as little concern for ethics as Kenneth T. Wasserman....
There is a lot more....

Over billing by about 50% repairs for children's toilets -- embezzling.

More on Jonathan Lippman, for comparison:
Source: ExposeCorruptCourts page

Every U.S. Senator will be greeted this morning with an urgent request to vote against President Obama’s nominee for the national organization The State Justice Institute. The communication, along with various related newspaper articles was sent, via facsimile, to all D.C. and local state offices of all U.S. Senators.September 10, 2012
The United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20004
RE: Vote on Presidential Nominee Jonathan Lippman for The State Justice InstituteJonathan Lippman’s Involvement in Cover-Up of 9/11 Donation Fraud
Dear Senator,
Please vote against the President’s nomination of Jonathan Lippman to be a member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute. The U.S. Senate’s Executive Calendar for September 10, 2012, lists the pending Privileged Nomination at page 13, Message No. 1692 and 1693 – Jonathan Lippman of New York, to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute.
I have personal knowledge of Jonathan Lippman, in order to protect political supporters in New York, covering-up a fraud involving over $100,000.00 in stolen 9/11 donation monies, and that further defrauded an insurance company that partially paid out on the loss. To date, those stolen donation monies have NOT been repaid. (Please see the attached New York Times article, “Red Cross Quietly Settles Case of a $120,000 Theft,” by Stephanie Strom (April 28, 2006)
In addition, Jonathan Lippman was implicated in an alleged $40 Million Dollar fraud involving a prominent New Yorker who was on his deathbed. (Please see attached letter to the NY FBI). In fact, these troubling allegations involving Jonathan Lippman were reviewed by White House staffers on April 2, 2012, reportedly while finalizing approval of the President’s nomination. (See the June 12, 2012 story at, “White House ‘Criminal Leaks’ Explained.”
Jonathan Lippman was politically created by his childhood friend, attorney Sheldon Silver who was, just last week, the target of a court order involving a Special Prosecutor to review criminal allegations of improperly using public funds to cover-up sex harassment charges by and against NYS officials. (Please see attached Village Voice article, “Justice is Blindsided- How Shelly Silver Made His Pal Chief Judge.” Various news articles about Jonathan Lippman’s friend and attorney Sheldon Silver- and the public’s outrage- can be seen at
The citizens of the United States deserve an end to corruption and cover-ups, and we all deserve your vote against the nomination of Jonathan Lippman for a position at the State Justice Institute.
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL DOCUMENT WITH ATTACHMENTS, another New York-based web site whose mission is “to put tax dollar expenditures and other monies used or spent by our federal, state or city governments before your eyes and in your hands” shares similar concerns  over this nomination saying:
As anyone who lives in New York State and has had any case filed in the Courts knows, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman runs the show…unfairly, arbitrarily, capriciously, and without concern for due process and Constitutional Rights. He has been sued many times, and the Plaintiffs always get dismissed or give up, because you cant sue Lippman and win. This is the man who has been nominated by our President, Barack Obama, to be a member of the Board of the State Justice Institute. What a huge reckless error that is.

Only as part of my general look-up of Ms. Combier's father (P. Combier Hodges?), I ran across a VERY interesting case, ca. 1963, involving descendants of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. -- and his grandchildren, plus whether adopted children are or are not "Issue" (at least the underlying matter). In short, a granddaughter Ms. McCormick Hubbard, knowing she was diagnosed of incurable cancer (from which she died in 1959), goes about to adopt three or four children (two in Yuba County, California, tried another in Nevada; Connecticut is also involved) -- but possibly in order to defeat a brother's access to some trust. She had no biological issue, hence the trust was divided about three ways to charities, with LINCOLN CENTER (see "John D. Rockefeller Plaza," where it is) wanted its $9+million out of the $10million to distribute. There was a GAL as well, and Lincoln Center wanted to see (or to prohibit consideration of -- read the case) the adoption records.
Also about halfway down there are some paragraphs on adoption and a passing reference to the "full faith and credit" clause, plus this phrase that the state stands "Parens Patriae" for all children within its borders:

What then is the status of the adoption decrees in California? They are beyond collateral attack on any question whether of jurisdiction or otherwise. Concededly, Lincoln makes a collateral attack in New York. Adoption proceedings [189 Cal. App. 2d 750] are of statutory nature and our Legislature has established a complete legislative scheme whereunder adoptions may be granted or denied by the courts to which the resolution of all issues has been committed. Proceedings are initiated by the filing of a petition in the superior court of the county of residence of the proposed adoptive parents.The state actively participates in the proceedings, and to all intents and purposes is a party thereto. The statutes require that upon filing the petition notice shall be given to the state, which, of course, stands in the position of parens patriae to all children within its borders. The notice is served upon a state agency, the Department of Social Welfare, which represents the state and which must actively examine into all matters touching the propriety of the proposed adoption, being charged at all times, as is the court also, to keep foremost in consideration the welfare of the child proposed to be adopted.

Again, ‘WHOSE children are they?” even if both birth parents are alive and well? Sounds like, parens patriae, the state. A sobering thought…..keeping in mind that it was Rockefeller and others, probably, who helped set in place the systems which eventually resulted in birth certificates for children….