Saturday, June 9, 2012

Redford Township: Judge Karen Khalil Jails Court Observer For 30 Days

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Judge Karen Khalil

Court Observer Jailed for up to 30 days for remaining silent
Redford Township – June 8, 2012  A Novi man was ordered by Judge Karen Kahlil of the 17th District Court to spend up to 30 days in jail for refusing to disclose his name.  While sitting quietly observing a friend’s property rights case, Judge Karen Kahlil demanded he stand and disclose his name.  Other witnesses were shocked when the judge ordered him arrested for refusing to disclose his name.

He was cited with contempt, hand cuffed and hauled off to the Redford police jail and later transferred to a Midland County jail.  He, along with 4 other court observers were ordered to stand and give their names, but only the Novi man was arrested and jailed.  

Prior to Friday’s  arrest, the Novi man had criminal complaint, judicial misconduct, malfeasance of office and deprivation of rights charges filed against Judge Kahlil and it is suspected that she was using her authority in retaliation for his legal action against her.  He has commenced a hunger strike. 

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Press Release

Contact: David Lonier 
Tel: 248-373-9111 

Redford Township – June 8, 2012 A Novi Township man was ordered by Judge Karen Kahlil of the 17
th District Court to spend 30 days in jail for refusing to give her his name. He was cited with contempt, hand cuffed and hauled off to the Redford police jail and later transferred to a Midland jail. He was in court to witness another case when he, along with 4 other court watchers were ordered by the judge Kahlil to stand and give their names. After the Novi Township man was arrested, the other 4 court watchers were asked to do the same. All complied for fear that they too would receive jail time. 
The court watchers witnessed the court officials assault the Novi man. When one of the court watchers attempted to leave the room he was detained against his will. The court officers used threat and intimidation to hold the entire body of court watchers hostage. 
Judge Kahlil in an uncontrollable rage she began to call out, “We got a group of Moors in here!” She continued her comments towards the court watchers “Are you a part of that group? Who here is a part of that group the Moors group!” 
Prior to his Friday arrest, the Novi man has several criminal complaints, judicial misconduct, malfeasance of office and deprivation of rights charges filed against Judge Kahlil and it is suspected that she was using her authority in retaliation for his legal action against her. No such order was issued for the other four court watchers. 
The Novi Township man has commenced a hunger strike.  
4 P.M. EDT, June 9, 2012


  1. If you are in a court room and the judge asks your name, you give it. You are pretty much at the mercy of the judge....It is contempt.

    Another group of losers letting their sexual frustrations boil over to where they get in trouble/jail. Hunger Strike?? Knock yourself out. Hyperalimentation and funnels down the throat with Vivonex HN work wonders for recalcitrant bungholes

  2. This is an outrageous story. The veins in my neck are popping. Now even courtwatchers aren't safe.

    Khalil has got to be stopped in her tracks and made example of runaway Nazism in state and federal judiciary. This woman MUST be charged and prosecuted.


  3. We have, in theory, open courts. That means anyone can go and observe the judicial process, without having to first provide identification.

    Judges have wide latitude to control and manage their court rooms but they don't have the right to prevent people observing court proceedings unless there has been shown a good reason to close the proceeding and an order to that effect has been issued.

    Observers are not parties to the action before the court and the court has no authority over them, or to inquire into their names or motivations, other than what is strictly necessary to maintain order in the court.

    When judges abuse the public's right to quietly observe, by intimidating members of the public or demanding their identification, as apparently happened in this case, they should face the legal consequences, and an strong example should be made.

    Unfortunately it is probable that a Judge who abuses power in this way is also likley to intimidate court staff and attorneys who were in the court at the time, so I hope there was a court reporter or a tape recorder that captured the entire proceedings.

    I would suggest that anybody who observed any part of the proceedings, either before or up to the point of arrest, sit down now and write up an account of what you observed and heard WHILE IT IS STILL FRESH IN YOUR MINDS.

    Then go find the man some GOOD legal counsel. I suggest starting with the ACLU. Maybe a writ of habeas corpus is approprate.

  4. They should do a marching protest from judge Karen Khalil's home at 15450 meadowbrook Redford Twp to the 17th district courthouse

  5. I thank all of you for your support and comments. I am the "Novi man" who was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned. I did not even "refuse" to give the information. I have a high frequency hearing loss to women's voices and consonant sounds. In addition, this judge created havoc in the courtroom just before having her bailiffs order me to stand (while with their hands on their guns). She gave me no time to respond, even if I had heard her command, which I didn't.

    1. You only have yourself to blame "Novi Man". Judge Karen Khalil of Redford Township is a mentally deranged person and antagonizing that wacko was pure stupidity on your part. I assume you would walk up to a chained Pit Bull juiced up on gunpowder and steroids and kick it and not expect it not tear your leg up?

  6. Judge Karen Khalil runs her courtroom alotlike that Nazi Judge Roland Freisler. There is a 1 minute video on utube featuring Judge Roland Freisler throwing a tantrum in front of a defendant. My guess is that Judge Karen Khalil watches that video in her judges chambers before the start of her court docket.

  7. I believe that Judge Karen Khalil is a big fan of "Raving Roland" Judge Roland Freisler in my opinion.

  8. This soul-less heathen needs to be stopped, how come the State of Michigan has not at least censored her.
    Judge Karen Khalil has roughly 4 more years before another person can run against her. Let's get her voted out of office and then run out of town. A complaint should be filed with the Justice Dept. maybe she can be stripped of her citizenship and deported to Lebanon. I know if pulled any of her silly stuff over there they would hang her like Saddam Hussein or beat her like they did to M. Kadaffi

  9. Nazi Judge Karen Khalil evil has ruined Redford Township Michigan in this author's opinion. Since being elected to the 17th District Court many residents and businesses have left Redford Township.

  10. there is a redford man who defended a woman at his residence and removed a drunk man at one in the morning who is being charged by judge khalil with assault

    1. There is always somebody being harassed by that evil tyrant Judge Karen Khalil, also known as Judge Hideous.
      some attorneys will charge extra to get the other Judge to hear a case in the 17th district court(its money well spent). Judge Karen Khalil doesnt care about a local hero saving a woman from a dangerous situation. She is just interested in inflicting suffering and draining pocketbooks. If our hero is Afro-American call the NAACP and have them come over and be volunteer court watchers. You cant take any chances in Karen Khalil's courtroom.

  11. Worst judge ever! I have seen her rage in the court room and she is far from fair! Everyone in her eye is guilty. You could walk an old lady across the street and be thrown in jail or given a fine. No compassion, only a big head from authority and greed!

  12. I agree that Judge Kahlil should be censured and disrobed. Years ago, she sought to discredit me (simultaneously entertaining her audience) by calling me "toots," when I (although curvy and blond and alone) attempted to testify in defense of a disabled long-haired Native American man who had been beaten, tasered and illegally jailed for several days by Redford Township Police. The Police, who had ambushed and roughed up the innocent man in what was obviously a case of racial profiling, had alleged that he was guilty of violating a Township ordinance (a non-jailable offense, specifically, "tampering with private property,") because he (seeing no doorbell and being developmentally disabled and brain -damaged from grand mal seizures) had attempted to open a screen door to knock on the main door of a home where he hoped to find and talk to the mother of a deceased friend. FACT: He had been directed to that block of houses by another Township resident, who was willing to testify and whose name and address I would have provided, if Judge Kahlil had given me a chance to speak. Instead, however, she chose to treat ME with contempt! I resented that, and -as a lady and a scholar, naturally intolerant of crude insults- I contemplated loudly announcing, "Let the record show that Judge Kahlil seems to enjoy titillating her audience." Now, however, reading here about her mistreatment of "the Man from Novi," I'm glad I held my tongue. She certainly would have charged me, too, with "contempt of court!" BOTTOM LINE: I did and still do feel genuine contempt for her, as her clear lack of interest in judging justly was -in a word- "contemptible!"