Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scott Bloch, Former Head of The Office of Special Counsel, Wants To Cleanse The Internet From Saying Anything Bad About Him

The story about Scott Bloch and his disdain for the public he was supposed to serve is not just judicial corruption, but public service gone mad.

Julia Davis tells all.

Betsy Combier

Scott Bloch threatens to sue Julia Davis - wants her articles removed. Whistleblowers, link and share this article and don't forget to file your victim impact statements for Bloch's upcoming sentencing in May 2013!

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  1. If you're requesting the impeachment of known corrupt judges in NYS, why isn't her Dishonor Laura Drager on the top of the list? There are manifold articles dating back over two decades attesting to her corruption - Laura Drager is infamous for being for sale to the monied spouse. Hundreds of her victims have already signed ths petition against Drager at Down with Drager! The bigger they are, the harder they fall! There is such rampant cronyism in the entire NY court system, whole businesses could be formed to try to bring all the illegal activities to justice! Calling entrepreneurs everwhere...