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The Lingering Stench at the Yonkers PBA

THE HEZITORIAL- THE BLUE TRUTH: Disinfecting the Lingering Stench at the Yonkers PBA By HEZI ARIS


IMCob-SurveillanceOn July 05, 2013, Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, assisted by Yonkers PBA lawyers, seemingly engaged The Quinn Law Firm, L.L.L.C., as if they were in his personal employ as legal counsel. They disseminated a letter admonishing readers of the Yonkers Tribune. The catalyst behind the “seemingly” legal warning stems from concerns over allegations suggesting Yonkers Police Benevolent President Keith Olson engaged in gross misconduct; specifically because he is tasked with the job of protecting the rights of all members regardless of personality conflicts. In his opening statement, Olson took the attitude of blaming everyone for the contentiousness of his conduct. He never directly addressed the seriousness of the allegations of gross misconduct by him and his two collaborators, Yonkers Police 4th Precinct Captain John Mueller, and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran of the Yonkers Police Detective Division, who have allegedly engaged in Olson’s “dirty laundry” for years.
Little time transpired before Mueller and Moran were in charge of the Intel Unit (Intelligence Unit) becoming responsible for all confidential police records and personnel files that had and have allegedly made their way to the copy machine. Sources advise that after the files were copied, the files were moved out from their previously uncompromised place of storage over many years, to the Internal Affairs Unit where they now are now reportedly stored since former Yonkers Police CommissionerEdmund Hartnett’s departure approximately two years ago. Insiders have reported that Moran transported most of the files in the rear seat of his police cruiser. One must wonder why. Olson’s open letter to the readers of the Yonkers Tribune demonstrably proclaimed his close bond to his only “two great” former Housing Department friends. The gist of Olson’s letter is that too much mud has been flung in his direction; his concern is that it cannot be power washed off.
The allegations that Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson vehemently denied or purposely avoided are as follows:  
1) The alleged secret meetings with John Fleming, during which discussions took place targeting then Yonkers Police Commissioner Robert Taggart for the purpose of having one of their choosing succeed Commissioner Taggart. Det. Sgt. Brian Moran is purportedly a distant relative of John Fleming who eventually was appointed a Special Adie to then Mayor Phil Amicone.
2) The alleged meetings that took place at which then Yonkers police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett was made aware of the conduct of the “Three Amigos” where he agreed to have a blind eye and sign off on allegedly whatever unauthorized investigations were instigated by the threesome; and
3) Allegedly collecting, gathering, and tampering with official police personnel files and records thereafter to allegedly be used against potential critics and foes as a means of intimidation and retribution; and
4) Allegedly filing false complaints against his own members; and
5) Allegedly impeding internal investigations with frivolous cross complaints; and
6) Allegedly unscrupulous fundraising practices; and
7) Allegations of missing disbursement funds, not to mention an immodestly paid PBA counsel that cost the membership about $120,000 per annum, plus potential referral business; and
8) Additionally, a whopping stipend of $4,000 a month in favor of Yonkers PBA President Olson; and
9) Despite the list of concerns over his conduct and the perception it conjures in people’s minds, Olson dismisses the allegations by not referring to them. He maintains a wall of silence, denial, and lies. His conduct cries out for an investigation and demands assurance that the chain of command is honored without bias, the merits of abiding by the law, and the oath sworn to the Yonkers Police Department.
Their collective dismissiveness found them spinning the hair raising allegations, so out of whack with what is alleged to have transpired over many years, that Olson and Mueller find themselves in an uphill battle to maintain their credibility while allegedly attempting to impede a serious internal investigation into the conduct of the Fourth Precinct Captain. Allegedly the Captain, along with Olson’s union assistance may have intentionally misled investigators, prompting Internal Affairs staff to bear the brunt of the investigation. The jury is still out on that one.  
There were also reports that at a recent PBA meeting, Olson’s board members and a handful of Kool-Aide swilling loyalists gave him a standing ovation after he told his membership that he would not step down; that was after he informed them not to expect a contract until 2015, which will mean that almost a decade will have passed before a new contract will be finalized, likely learning that Yonkers Police Department personnel will only gain zeros in contracts further into their future. One must wonder the rationale of greeting this “news” with a resounding standing ovation and handclap by the Kool-Aide swilling believers. Why else would anyone be clapping for a union leader that has not secured a contract for his members under his former friends Hartnett, and former Yonkers  Mayor Phil Amicone, who is also presently embroiled under a cloud of controversy. This has taken place while Olson landed his sister a high paying job at Yonkers City Hall, and Yonkers PBA union members continued to rack up bills he initiated. The final straw to break this camel may be a looming federal lawsuit rumored to be scrutinizing Yonkers’ own Three Musketeers.
Keith Olson has shown himself to be arrogant, insular, and using his own words regarding his “two great” friends, believes they all allegedly stand above the protocol and procedures defined for them by the Yonkers Police Department, as well as the law. Olson and his friends stand accused of serious internal and unscrupulous conduct clearly supported by internal emails, memos, and internal letters of complaints needing and demanding oversight of the Yonkers PBA leader by an independent, outside investigative agency, and /or an independent commission.  Sometimes only an erudite press / media can ask and reveal the tough issues. In Olson’s case he has not publicly addressed any concerns, except for his steadfast legal advice that is meant to deny and obfuscate everything. What is more evident to all but Olson himself is that he is a hot potato who walks about persona non grata. The reverberating echoes heard in the halls and offices of the Cacace Justice Center and various precincts in Yonkers is that no high ranking official wants to be soiled by Olson and his “two great” friends. 
Among the many years of august and respected chapters of the Yonkers PBA, there has never been a more propitious time demanding for an independent prosecutor to take a look into the inner working of the Yonkers PBA, specifically under the aegis of Det. Keith Olson, and his rogue supervisor friends that allegedly premeditated and executed some of the allegations he continues to refuse to address. Despite Olson being offered to respond to the allegations divulged, Olson has chosen not to substantiate his conduct and those of his cohorts. Their collective silence diminishes and besmirches the integrity of the men and women in blue. That being the case, how can the administration continue to protect these protagonists knowing that the media is aware of the integrity of the allegations made and others that are still to be revealed?
It should be recognized that the “Blue Truth” series has afforded the Yonkers Police Department the time and opportunity to address the allegations divulged. Were the YPD left to its own internal devices, devoid of political intrusion from within and without Yonkers City Hall, these issues would have been mitigated by now. Instead, every day that passes without remedy tarnishes the YPD, the PBA, and CLSA. That is not right. These concerns must be mitigated and concluded with deference to the law, the oaths sworn by each member of the YPD, in order for function to eclipse the present internal dysfunction.


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It is very true that these police department officials need to be held accountable for their actions within the Police Department. At this juncture only the DOJ can handle this now. As for the Yonkers PBA leader, he himself clearly faces a Federal Inquiry and by January the members of this department will make the ethical change they need. There will be a new face to the word PBA. YPD members will not longer believe the lies that is spewed from Olson's lips.
After reading these series of article's since May, it is very apparent that the DOJ must look into these acts of Official Misconduct by these members of the Yonkers Police Department. Setting people up and conducting warrantless searches of peoples cell phones records, and allegations that personal computer addresses may have been compromised without search warrants is a crime. This articles set forth by Hezi need to be taken seriously. 
As for this Captain, it is alleged that he had made false and misleading statements to police department officials. That in itself is clearly Official Misconduct. There clearly seems to be a pattern of Federal laws that were violated, and well as State laws. No employee of any police department should be subjective to these lawless acts from union thugs and there friends, who clearly have abused their authority.
Keith Olson and his two pets can't respond because everyone in YPD knows it is all true, and then some. The desert will be a complete forensic audit by the DOJ for the past eight years. Then you will learn more disturbing news about your PBA leader. Maybe they will find W.S. money too.
You must have attended the school of Anthony the " Cheetah ", where you are guarantee to pass, or make one.
I was the last one finished taking the Lieutenant's exam yesterday and my test taking formula will prove successful. I will be in the top 5 guaranteed!
Here is what you get when you go the Keith Olson Lie and Deceive Night Show:
#1 Olson telling members that you are not getting a contract until late 2015. 
#2 my great good friend is going to be the next Police Commissioner, or Chief.
#3 Dale Hughes is ready to take another statement off Medina or any other cop who wants to talk.
#4 The Quinn law Firm needs more money to defend the me.
#5 Frankie F. does the back flip, and head stand after the he gets the fat eyes from the head cheese maker.
#6 one quarter of the board being forced to clap, and stretch a smile.
#7 I never kept any fund raiser money, or targeted any CLSA, or PBA members....or removed or copied files...or searched peoples work stations
#8 we have a special menu with cheese specials
#9 Its all a misunderstanding
#10 Please its all RM's fault, we can work this out is you give me a Dale another two long years.
Blue truth rocks more than the "cheetah" at one of my concerts.
Guess we should just all shut the f*ck up and allow this guy to call all the shots. Who needs a police commissioner when you have KO. He can wear two hats. Good luck people. The guy is inept and isn't even qualified to be a Dick.
Who starts out a sentence with yeah ace. An asshole for sure. KO is followed by a huge dark cloud. He brought this shit on himself by messing with people that he shouldn't have. Blue truth exposed him for the fraud he is so go cry somewhere else. Anyone who supports KO as a union leader is clearly blinded. Besides all the acts he committed against his members there is still the fact he allowed us to go over four years without a contract. Maybe he should forego his stipend and distribute it to the membership for his failed leadership. Then again at this juncture of his term in our office that couldn't even help him. KO got away with a lot over the years but the buck stops here.
I nearly fell off my chair when I read your post "Beansie". That guy is a jerkoff. Wonder whose salad he's tossing these days? Lmao
Yeah Ace, you keep telling yourself that. Even people that don't like KO hate you Blue Truth dicks. Come to the meeting on Monday and we'll see how well received you are.
There is no one to blame for ruining anything but Keith, his two great friends and the leader of the pack EH. You guys really screwed up and it backfired BIG time. Blue truthers are all decent, and well-respected in the department.
Yes, those were the days. You used to be able to handle shit face to face. Now assholes who call themselves cops hide behind their keyboards and blog like pussies instead of taking care of shit the way they should. The Blue Truth blogs, runs to IAD and files lawsuits. Thanks Blue Truthers, you've really fucked things up.
Its a are absolutely right! The job was fun back then and we looked forward to going to work...back then I would have done it for free.
Saturday Night Early Tour in the 3rd PCT in 1988...I would kill relive those days.
There was PRIDE for your squad! Steady tours ruined that.
Speaking of Peruzza, I remember the time that Ray M. and Frank C. put E-Lax in Tony's Hot Chocolate when he was on Lawrence St. Foot Post. He shit his pants and went home sick. If that happened today they would be in big's a shame what happened to this job. Those days are gone forever.
On a different note, saw EH, he said
that Det. Lt. secretary Pat McCormack
tossed a mean salad, Pat enjoyed the taste
so much that he refused to use any dressing.
That my friend is a true story.
no doubt Yonkers police defender is Barry who is a well educated guy. What does to PBA have? You have a guy who barely made it through high school, and is still carrying around an old contract in his back pocket, that he said, " won't be looked at until 2015, or more". One has to wonder why the snake oil salesman stood quiet. Well lets see. 
A) got his sister a $ 64,400 job with the city.
B) got his great friend Moran's mother rehired after she was fired. 
Now, lets see what he did for the membership.
A) got all the personnel in the fourth in the middle of a CLS ISSUE.
B) no contract, but will tell you that he needs two more years to help his two great friends, oops, I meant members.
C) did not bring back any of the units he gave up to his friend Hartnett.
D) continues to verbal attack retired and current YPD members.
E) sent his two supervisors friends to conduct internal investigations against his own PBA members.
This heavy weight liar did so much damage to this association, that 99.9 percent of the CLS , and PBA say, " he has to go" 
Besides him and his two friends committed official conduct and need to be held accountable. Basically, Keith Olson, and his two friends are what they say, purebred genuine street " rats ".
Barry should run for Mayor, he has all the qualifications.
I know your kidding about the Peruzza thing but thats when the job was FUN and men were men no one EVER looked to hurt anyone !!!!We all made fun of eachother and it was all good.......
Hey Barry! You wanna run the PBA? It's ripe for the taking.
Stop attacking family members assholes there I you guys have no class
Time to bring back Anthony "The Big Ragu" Peruzza
I listened to Local 628 President Barry McGoey on today's edition of Hezi's radio program. He not only stood up for the firefighters but also the YPD and 456. Why isn't the PBA out there defending the YPD and demanding that we get a contract? Good job by McGoey. I only wish we had someone like him leading the PBA.
LayinLow, I will STAY RETIRED........the pension fairy delivers my check once a month ........yeaaaaaaa buddy........stop worrying about me and start focusing on what has happened to the job........The shenanigans need to stop........You taking jabs at my family.....maybe? you are infatuated with me......LayinLow takes it up the a** do da do everyone even LayinLow.........stay safe and as always.......stay thirsty my friends!
B-52 is on point, heard blue truth 6 is going to be a grand slam.
Wheres my money? its in our lawyers pocket you big rat.

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