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Pennsylvania Civil Rights Attorney Don Bailey Will Sue Judges For Corruption

Civil rights lawyer Don Bailey under attack and he and clients to sue judges for corruption

Posted on August 9, 2011 by Admin

The paramount issue our legal system is presented with currently is the ongoing campaign, if you will, by a small clique of federal judges, and their state and federal political friends, to go after the law license of decorated war veteran, former congressman, former Pennsylvania Auditor General, and now prominent civil rights attorney Don Bailey.

Don got into the practice of civil rights over the fallout from his own victimization when, as Auditor General, he revealed substantial pubic corruption in the State of Pennsylvania at its highest levels. He was visited by state and federal officials, including the United States Attorney himself, and was, in essence, asked what it would take – what graft, gift, or favor – in order for him to back down and look the other way. Don refused, and stridently, with the truth behind him, assured these scoundrels that he would never be bought, and ever since that day, Don has been in a battle to reveal public corruption, and to fight for its victims. There is an extensive interview of Don that is recorded in his website, which is linked to this page.

To the best of our knowledge, Don is the only politician in American history to have prevailed in a defamation lawsuit against his political opponent (Barbara Hafer) that was the first civil rights lawsuit he filed after leaving public office. The case, Bailey v. Hafer, languished in the courts for a decade, and in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals for years, before decided in his favor. While the case never did go to trial, it did settle favorably for Don, and, despite the fact that Don had his bright political future stolen from him unjustly, and lost everything he had, his only request was the Ms. Hafer apolgize to him, in writing, which she did. In the apology, Hafer admitted she lied about him, and pointed the finger at certain “federal officials”, one of whom was Martin C. Carlson, former United States Attorney, and now a United States Magistrate Judge, under Kane, Conner, and Jones, and the author of 2008 scandalous ans scurrilous attack on Don Bailey in a 56 page memorandum that was distributed through statewide media. Don’s reply was not.

The federal courts, and some of the political operatives who run them, including Marty Carlson, have taken up the cause for their political “friends”, and have joined in the effort to protect the corrupt politicians and judges, and to end the career of Don Bailey, and to cut off access to the federal courts for the many, many police officers, state and local officials, public employees, minorities, and others who have been victimized and abused by corrupt people and power structures, and Pennsylvania will be left to languish in the backward ways of thinking and behaving that have destroyed public confidence in the judiciary, and even in our elected officials. These judges are out to hurt and harm Don Bailey and the civil rights clients he represents because they, too, are beholden to the corrupt system that put them where they are – on the bench of our esteemed federal courts donning the powerful black robe, where they then use their tremendous power to protect the structures that got them there rather than foster their independence from those systems in recognition of the singularly-significant ability of a federal judge to influence cultural climates.

The claims of Don Bailey will be proven, and the proof is all there, and we hope to share this all with you through our initial efforts on this site. Don has had over $3,000,000.oo in verdicts awarded to his clients, from all walks of life, and significantly in recent years from the ranks of law enforcement themselves, by juries performing their roles and exercising their responsibilities as American citizens. All of these verdicts have been taken away as part of the plan to harm him and his clients. We do not cast aspersions on the judiciary lightly, nor do we wish to suggest that every judge is corrupt, because certainly most, hopefully, are not, but Don’s cases are being “fixed”, the old-fashioned, crooked way – by picking up telephones and through winks and nods, but the evidence is clear – from the $1.5 million verdict he was successful in obtaining on behalf of 2 state attorney general narcotics agents against, inter alia, the then-Attorney General himself, Mike Fisher, who now, of all things is a Judge on the Court, the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals, that threw out the verdict against him, to the recent decision overturning another case where a state trooper was a victim of wiretapping that was committed by his own State Police supervisors in a dishonest effort to hurt and harm him.

The further plan, which is already afoot through the, attack by Marty Carlson, and will be shown through evidence relating to Judge Conner, is to portray Don Baily as a disgruntled, malcontent, and “fallen star” who has imagined grand conspiracies to justify and validate the political losses that he suffered 20 years ago, but that is a lie, every word of it, and it is already out there as a myth that is believed by many. The Hafer apology came in the year 200o. At that time Carlson was United States Attorney, Jones was a co-campaign chairman/fundraiser with Tom Corbett for tom Ridge, Kane was on the federal bench in Harrisburg, and the Third Circuit Judge Mike Fisher case (cases/saga) were already in the courts or very near, annd the trial on those cases was in 2003. After that trial, an email circulated through then Attorney General Fisher’s office that “Bailey has caused a shit storm” in Harrisburg. Conner acceded to the federal bench in 2004, and immediately launched into what are obvious attacks by a political neophyte that have continued, unbroken, and coalesced with the others, and from there you will see an continuous chain of abuses, right through the day of this posting, and the hearings scheduled for August 11 and 12 in Harrisburg that will prove that this is indeed a conspiracy involving federal judges and others to harm the rights of innocent American citizens whose constitutional rights have been violated because of who their lawyer is and what he represents to them. Nothing can be more anathema to our entire system of justice.

The current strategem being employed is to use the sycophants in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board and its Disciplinary Counsel, life-long political lackey Paul Killion, to mount an attack on Don Bailey’s law license through an easily provable corrupt effort of these same federal judges in concert with their state political friends. The attachment to this post is what is called a petition in the Supreme Court’s “King’s Bench” or “extraodinary” jurisdiction, where the Supreme Court is asked directly to discipline itself, and to intervene in these corrupt proceedings and bring them to an end.

See also: Exhibit 3, Thom Lewis v. Jesse Smith, et al, Third Circuit motion contains the allegations for which Bailey is being charged

The Pensylvania Supreme Court, and the Lawyer’s Disciplinary Board, as well as the Judicial Misconduct Board have fallen into disrepute of recent due to the criminal prosecutions of Luzerne County Judges Ciavarella and Conahan in what was known nationwide as the “kids-for-cash” scandal. Recent commissioned reports have identified the failings in the system that had led to the judicial corruption scandal that gave the entire state a black-eye, and the Don Bailey discipline gives the Supreme Court a clear chance to prove its own integrity by addressing the same failings that exist in regard to Don Bailey, and to end the corruption that undermines the confidence we all have in our judiciary, and to usher in the reforms needed so that American citizens do not continue to be victimized by our courts for daring to do something about their victimization by their government, and those others “acting under color of law.”

Don Bailey is also in the process of filing a federal civil rights lawsuit, on behalf of himself and at least 25 of his victimized clients, who will be named as plaintiffs, and will be making very extensive accusations of corruption and unlawful behavior on the part of a wide-array of state and federal officials, including the judges who have worked specifically to hurt and harm him. These judges and other operatives have felt that because they can control the access to information to the public, and how it is presented, they could ostracize, isolate, and surround Don, and move quickly and easily in for the kill. Well, despite the fact that they have been known and out to get Don Bailey for nearly 20 years, they should know that his honesty is unshakable, his commitment to his clients is second-to-none, and the confidence that people have in him is unwavering, but of course they wouldn’t know that, because they are the people who he has been fighting against, and they woefully underestimate the motivation of honest American citizens to expose and oppose corruption in our government, and this site will continue to bring you the developments as the cases proceed.

The agenda is clear – stop Don Bailey, but more importantly, stop the civil rights clients he represents from having the courage to expose and oppose public corruption, and it is our goal to help shine the light that needs to be shone on the courts, and their efforts to keep the people from uncovering public corruption. This will be your site for the truth, and we hope the Courts, including the court of public opinion, will be the site for the justice.

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6 Responses to Civil rights lawyer Don Bailey under attack and he and clients to sue judges for corruption


CleanUpPACourtsNOW says:

August 9, 2011 at 8:49 am

It’s no secret that Chief Counsel Paul Killion was being harassed by Judge Christopher C. Conner to do something about Don Bailey. Connor was also haranguing an investigator named Bob Fulton, from the Philadelphia Office of the PA Disciplinary Board to do something as well. Then Judge John E. Jones, III, the flake who plagiarized an ACLU brief and also a commencement address for Dickinson, jumped in and pressured Paul Killion as well.

Their goal is simple – stop Don Bailey, and you stop all of the other civil rights complainants – because in Pennsylvania, you won’t find any other attorney who is willing to fight for your civil rights when cases involve crooked politicians and state agencies. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 25 “attorneys” – tell them you were the victim of judicial misconduct or that you’d like to file a lawsuit against a judge or public official, and you’ll see every one of them turn you away.

Since there is nobody policing these courts, Don has become their number one enemy. The truth is only starting to come out about how corrupt this state really is. People need to start digging and questioning and protesting.



Sally says:

August 10, 2011 at 1:47 am

What a sad story. I remember Don Bailey as Auditor General and he was a good man. A decorated Vietnam vet who always remembered where he came from. He always supported the Vietnam vets and their issues. I thank him for his service. I hope these corrupt politicans are exposed. The Middle District has always been known for being corrupt. It all starts with that former US Attorney Carlson, who I now heard sits as a Magistrate Judge. Talk about a total disgrace to this state. I am sure he got his job, right out of the Chief Judge in the Middle District with his cronies in the Court. They all stick together. I hope you guys gets these corrupt people. I will be standing behind Don Bailey and wish him and his family the best.



politico_reporto says:

August 10, 2011 at 2:47 am

These judges are dismissing actions that were completely appropriate for many valid, lawful reasons. They don’t want to address the problem, because they are the problem. The dismissal of complaints and actions by these scumbag judges only further reveals their increased involvement in what is clearly judicial misconduct. It’s easier to get rid of the only attorney who fights them than to clean up the mess they’ve made. Besides, they receive too many lucrative benefits like gifts and immunity from the law. Why would they not fight tooth and nail to protect their little corruption club.



watchdog says:

August 9, 2011 at 10:52 pm

If we’re digging deeper, as CleanUp has suggested, we should also recognize the fact that these Judges are using the clients of Don Bailey as a way to settle scores from when Mr. Bailey was a U.S. Congressman and PA Auditor General. A lot of the animosity from these judges can be traced back to the political bitterness these new activist judges have for Bailey.



unfilteredmedia says:

August 10, 2011 at 7:20 pm

It has become increasingly clear that our state and federal courts are not capable of disciplining themselves. In Don’s case they are denying him witnesses and quashing subpoenas that are critical to his case. Don has even been denied the right to subpoena the admitted complainant’s against him, and he has also been denied the right to view the complaint. Conflicts of interest are also clearly present in this case, yet motions for recusal were denied without discussion. A state cannot exclude a person from the practice of law in any manner which violates due process, and the violations here are too numerous to count. Don’s due process is being violated because the disciplinary board is failing to follow rules and procedures, resulting in extreme prejudice. Among the most egregious of the procedural errors is the denial of any and all discovery. The due process violations have further completely cut off Don’s rights to confront the witnesses against him, and to compel witnesses to appear and testify on his behalf in this quasi-criminal proceeding, which is clearly a 6th Amendment violation. The prejudice of these failings, and the prejudice to the administration of justice reflected by these proceedings warrants the dismissal of these charges standing alone. Don is being subjected to a selective and vindictive prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct, which mandate dismissal, and is a First Amendment violation as well.



James J. Vitaliano says:
August 11, 2011 at 5:04 pm

In my own way I clearly understand what Don is going through. Don represented me in a wrongful State job termination hearing, that I lost. Don’s firm handled my appeal to the Commonwealth Court. I was fighting for my rights to Unemployment Compensation. The case was decided on Perjurous testimony by a State Revenue Dept. employee. I waited 18 months with no financial compensation before the court ruled against me. I had selected Don as my attorney because I believed, and still do, that he is honest and a fighter for the little guy.


  1. Among the most dangerous criminals in the U.S., include a number of the judges reigning from their rear ends in PA.

  2. Just when I was beginning to think I was the only person who feels the courts and Judges are corrupt I find this. I have been screwed and continue to be screwed by the common pleas PJ and the superior court. Anyone who believes that corruption does not exist in the judicial system has their head up their ***! As for the Pa disciplinary board that is nothing more than a club of morons who cover for one another. If you don't play ball their way you get disbarred or suspended.

  3. Bailey is a man who represents, Integrity and Honesty. We must stand behind him and show our support.

  4. Don Bailey would not be fighting so aggressively if he were in the wrong. He has knowledge that he has personally witnessed first hand and information that backs his claims.

    1. People know he's right and he will expose corruption, no doubt

    2. Baileys past speaks for itself, and he will stand strong when we are weak, he will speak when corruption overshadows us. He is a man we she should show the greatest respect for, he is fighting for people and their rights. He is fighting on US soil and is being attacked, something is clearly wrong with this picture. I pray for his him as we all should.

  5. People need to wake up and take a stand now! We are suppose to have rights and freedoms, which appear to have been lost. You need to ask yourself, why and how?

  6. Don Bailey, is one of GOD'S angels placed on this earth. He will be protected and his truth will shine.

    1. He is one of God's angels!

    2. May he be protected through all the turmoil he faces. The injustice that this man has endured and yet he continues to fight. He is a crusader for justice and we she be blessed and honor him. People should be embarrassed by the false accusations they throw on him. He will prevail, no one defeats the truth. This man has the truth and knowledge, he just needs to be heard. Pray that Kathleen Kane helps him in his fight to address corruption.

  7. Is there away for me to contact u my husband has faced a serious violation for his rights that I went as far as to contact the bar of pa and the did nothing to disapline this attorney who is facing a law suit from a client that he did the same thing to a jugde vough is a jugde who violated my husbands rights as well my e-mail is

  8. Can you do a case in up state new york both my kids where kidnapped bye cps and I can provethere feud and I need someone who can sue them and the judge to

  9. Hi,
    I am the victim of corrupt justice system. Is it possible to sue my lawyer on my own.
    Also what can I do about 2 judges who gave the wrong verdicts in my cases.

  10. I think we the people who have been wronged by the corrupt justice system, the Judges and crooked lawyers should start a GROUP and start fighting against these
    people. One person can't do anything but if we start a group and use social media for the help to form a groups across the nation we can WIN and defeat these Judges and lawyers. I M READY TO START TODAY.

  11. Just to prove and help Don, research case 2:16-cv-01824. You all saw me probably on wpxi lgbt segment in 2016, and yet due to a conflict of interest and corruption in these PA. Courts, a sense of Justice is still waiting to be seen. Your jaw will drop when you see for three years just how corrupt the PA. Court system really is. This is what this country is about, let alone PA.? CORRUPTION AND SHAME?...