Sunday, October 28, 2012

NY County Judicial Candidates' Voter Guide: You Have No Choice

2012 Voter Guide
We have been advised of the following judicial candidates for election in your county. Candidates whose names are underlined have opted to participate in this voter guide.
Click on underlined names to see biographical information provided by participating candidates.


Supreme Court
1st Judicial District

Vote for 4:
Shlomo Hagler
Manuel J. Mendez
George Silver
New York City 
Surrogate's Court

Vote for 1:
Rita Mella

New York City 
Civil Court
(New York County)

Vote for 3:
Anil C. Singh

New York City 
Civil Court
(2nd District)
Vote for 1:
Debra Rose Samuels
New York City 
Civil Court
(3rd District)

Vote for 1:
New York City 
Civil Court
(6th District)

Vote for 2:
Arthur F. Engoron
Shawn T. Kelly
New York City 
Civil Court
(8th District)

Vote for 1:
Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick

Please note:
Candidates are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their information.

Candidates whose names are not underlined have opted not to participate in this voter guide.

Applicable voting rules will determine which registered voters in your county may be eligible to vote for candidates to courts of limited jurisdiction (e.g., City Courts, District Courts, or New York City Civil Courts).

From Betsy Combier:

Also make note that NYSUT Attorney Shawn Kelly is now a judge!!!

Kelley has been responsible for falling in line behind Mayor Bloomberg in destroying the careers of excellent, caring teachers. When Chris Asch went to him to ask for his help in responding to the Appeal of the New York Law Department (they want to overturn the thorough and fair decision of Judge Manuel Mendez to vacate Arbitrator David Hyland's penalty of Chris' 6 month's suspension) he told Chris that Mendez's decision was terrible, and fellow NYSUT Attorney Aileen Naughton did an awful job at the 3020-a, but as Adam Ross, Claude Hersh, and Mike Mulgrew asked him to do the Response papers, he would do it.

I suggested that Chris ask NYSUT to help him, and felt very sorry for doing that when Chris called me immediately after he left Shawn's office. Chris hired Fred Aaron and me to help him instead. 

Just watch for bias and prejudice if you are a teacher and you end up before Judge Shawn Kelley. 


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