Monday, September 2, 2013

The Moreland Commission and Rumors of Discord

The Moreland Commission may fail. Citizen's request: investigate your boss, Gov. Cuomo, for his close partnerships with New York State and Federal Judges. Puleeeze!

Regina Calcaterra

Cuomo duo runs amok

Kathleen Rice
By FREDRIC U. DICKER, September 2, 2013

Senior aides to Gov. Cuomo are increasingly worried that the Moreland Act Commission named by the governor two months ago to investigate corruption in state government is getting out of control, The Post has learned.

Sources describe commission co-chair Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County district attorney and failed candidate for state attorney general in 2010, and executive director Regina Calcaterra as “loose cannons” directing the operations of what one called a “runaway commission.’’

“The concern is that Rice and Calcaterra may be more interested in getting publicity for themselves then they are in figuring out what’s behind the repeated cases of corruption,’’ said a Cuomo administration source.

Some aides to Cuomo were described as “furious’’ that a series of subpoenas were recently issued by the commission for campaign-finance records without any advance notice to the governor’s office.

“Some of the governor’s people are pulling their hair out because they don’t know what the commission is doing or what it’s going to do next,’’ said a source.

Last week, despite the behind-the-scenes tensions, Cuomo publicly declared that the commission could investigate him or anyone else in his administration if it decided it had reason to do so.

“Anything they want to look at they can look at,’’ Cuomo said.
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Moreland Act Commissions
The Moreland Act was passed by the legislature and signed into law in 1907 (Chapter 539). The act was introduced by Sherman Moreland, Republican leader in the assembly, at the urging of Governor Charles Evans Hughes.
The Moreland Act, now Section 6 of the Executive Law (formerly Section 7, 1907-1909, and Section 8, 1909-1951), authorizes the governor, "either in person or by one or more persons appointed by him for the purpose, to examine and investigate the management and affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission of the state." Investigators were empowered to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, hold hearings, and subpoena "any books or papers deemed relevant or material." Moreland Act commissions derive their power from that act and from Executive Law Section 63.8. The State Archives holds records of only a few of the many investigations conducted under the Moreland Act (see also series A0531, Investigation Case Files of Charges and Complaints Against Public Officials and Agencies.
Public hearing transcripts, press releases, published materials, and other records that have been previously available to the public or are not restricted by law are available for use. Some Moreland Act commission records may be withheld from disclosure pursuant to Executive Law Section 63.8, Civil Rights Law Section 73.8, Personal Privacy Protection Law Section 96.1.c, and Freedom of Information Law Sections 87.2.a and 87.2.b. Additional State or federal statutory or regulatory access restrictions may also apply. Series descriptions of Moreland commission records include information on access conditions for each series. Where applicable, requests for access to confidential investigatory information will be referred by the State Archives to the governor's counsel's office.
More information on the history of the Moreland Act and the commissions appointed under this legislation can be found in:
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