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Greg Fischer Puts His Hat In The Ring To Win NY State Governorship And Unseat Corrupt Cuomo

Greg Fischer

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Governor Cuomo has yet another worry in his bid for reelection: A third party ticket that’s picking up steam to challenge him in November.
The Equal Parenting Party will give parents a greater voice in child custody matters, as well as press the governor on key issues including:
·         Albany corruption and the botched Moreland Commission
·         New York’s standing as the highest taxed state with the worst business climate
·         Cuomo’s raid of Hurricane Sandy recovery funds to promote himself
·         Disastrous Common Core roll out
“The Equal Parenting Party will be a powerful platform for reform not just on family issues, but the many other ills Governor Cuomo has perpetuated in our once great state,” said Greg Fischer, a Calverton resident and the new party’s candidate for governor. “A very large segment of the state’s population has been affected by child custody issues and other state government problems and are mobilizing under our banner.”
According to Fischer, over 1,000 volunteers statewide are circulating nominating petitions and should have more than enough to place a full slate on the November ballot, including candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and comptroller.
A father of two, Fischer’s eyes were opened to the injustice of state law when he was embroiled in a child custody case. He’s been an advocate of pending legislation that would require judges to seriously consider giving guardianship to both parents in custody disputes, instead of only one or the other as current law mandates. "This way, extended family ties are more likely to be preserved," Fischer said, adding that states adopting equal parenting are discovering a reduction in crime and government costs as a result.

“In fighting for changes in the child custody law, we found that tens of thousands of residents are impacted by the same issues,” Fischer explained. “These voters are tired of the way Albany operates to the detriment of the taxpayers and have organized to draw attention to any number of issues that are plaguing our state. Unless you have a team of lobbyists in Albany, it’s clear that the only way you’re going to get any attention is at the ballot box.” 

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LONG ISLAND, N.Y., July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --
  • Over 1,000 volunteers stand ready to petition for STATEWIDE NYS Candidates
  • Parent's group to run a Third Party Line for NYS Governor to draw attention to New York State Family Court crisis
  • With a strategy in place, over 1,000 NYS voters are organizing a new political party to focus on Family Law reform. The group known as THE EQUAL PARENTING PARTY NYS ("EPP") seeks to introduce its own statewide balloting petitions to put Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, and Attorney General candidates up on it's own ballot line for the November 2014 elections. 
  • The EPP has a central platform issue: the presumption that both parents are equal (especially upon marital separation, divorce, or child custody decisions). In law, NYS currently has a sole-custody presumption --- in the event of any Family Court litigation a judge MUST award sole-custody even if it is against a child's best interest. Judges may, however, "So Order" joint parenting if the parties stipulate to it.
  • Equal Parenting (a/k/a: "co-parenting", "shared parenting") is a mainstream issue with a slight majority of national equal parenting organizations now led by women. 
  • NYS Equal Parenting legislation has a long history. "Shared Parenting" legislation was passed in the 1980's but was vetoed by then Governor Hugh Carey.
  • The current 2013 NYS Bills at hand are:  S5316 and A6457
  • "We are a serious effort with a very basic Civil Rights EQUALITY issue. We have every intention of achieving ballot access", said Greg Fischer, one of the original EPP organizers, "We ran a judicial candidate, and if you multiply out the numbers to statewide, we will get more than enough votes to become a statewide official party".
  • The EPP asserts that "shared parenting" is an issue which is paramount to a large untapped NYS constituency that may number in the millions; they are the divorced, separated, custody-battle victims that may be litigant parents, grandparents, children, or other sensitized family. This is a political issue to awaken a significant "sleeping constituency" of disenfranchised voters to become active. The EPP claims to attract members that are severely emotionally damaged and who are now finding their recovery and self-expression through a channeled and lawful participation in the grassroots political process. 
  • The EPP plans to ask incumbents and challengers to become its cross-endorsed candidates. If any of the incumbent or challenger candidates reject or ignore EPP endorsement offers, the EPP intends to use that rejection in public forums around the state. 
  • The group is being organized on Facebook at: and by "word-of-mouth". Its own website is planned. The EPP also has a candidate's pledge card and plans to publish and praise the names of the politicians that pledge to support parental equality and lambaste those that refuse.
  • "Strategically, what we are doing is no different than what the Right to Life Party did; we have a central issue but we also support related legislation. We also want to aid grandparent's and other extended family in child access, create better judicial review, have cameras in the court rooms, improve attorney disciplinary procedures, improve oversight of Child Protective Services, and more." said an EPP member. 
  • Press contacts:
  1. Scott Lewis, or call 888-653-6204
  2. Andrea Zeledon-Mussio, or call 516-637-3832 
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  1. The Moreland Commission saga is additional proof that things aren't kosher in NY.

    NY Supreme Court is corrupt (we have documentation).

    If only one decent (non-oligarch protecting) person could become Governor!